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You see potential. So do we.

For over 50 years, the Timber Loan Board has been supporting the forestry industry in Nova Scotia with flexible and responsible lending solutions. Whether you’re new to the industry, further developing your business, or transitioning to a new generation, we have a lending solution that will help you reach your goals. 

Our programs are designed to meet the specific needs of the province’s forestry industry, and the decisions about what we offer and who we finance are made right here in Nova Scotia. When you work with us, your loan repayments go right back into financing other operators within the province’s forestry industry. So, you can realize the potential of your business, while we all support the continued growth of a sustainable forestry sector in the province.

Competitive interest rates

Our lending programs are designed around our interest rates which are comparable to market rates.

Custom solutions

Our focus is on your long-term success. We want to build a tailored lending solution that works for you and your business.


The Crown Lending Agency has proven that for over 100 years we stand with Nova Scotia businesses, through all industry cycles.


Our lending products are designed to help you succeed, with options such as prepayment privilege of 10% of the initial amount of your loan; the benefit of any lower interest rates available every 5 years on our full term (fixed mortgage) loans; and deferred payment options for when your project is a long-term investment.


Our partnerships with other key industry stakeholders can connect you with advice, programs and support.

The Nova Scotia Timber Loan Board (TLB) is served by the Nova Scotia Farm Loan Board (FLB). The TLB is established by the Forestry Act with its lending authority and operations assigned to the FLB.

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Our business plan outlines the Board’s goals and objectives for the year, in alignment with the
Department of Natural Resources and Renewables’ vision and priorities.

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An Annual Accountability Report is published annually to report on progress in achieving the business plan’s goals and objectives.

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The Crown Lending Agencies division of the Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture (o/a Nova Scotia Farm Loan Board, Nova Scotia Fisheries & Aquaculture Loan Board) is required to disclose travel and hospitality expenses of senior management.