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Interest rates.

Our lending programs are designed around our competitive interest rates. The Nova Scotia Timber Loan Board updates interest rates regularly.

Terms and Amortizations

A client can select fixed-rate full-term financing with interest rate stability for the full amortization of the loan, amortized over any period from 1-20 years or they can choose one of three fixed-term rates available with the selected amortization period. The three term rate periods of 3, 5, and 10 years allow a client the opportunity to potentially have competitive rates during the selected term. At the end of the term the rate is reset based on current interest rates at the time of renewal.

Open / Closed Rates

We offer both open and closed interest rates options. Closed rates remain the same or lower, for the entirety of the loan term. There is a fee if the loan is repaid before the end of the term. An open term rate can be paid off early without penalty.

Rate Review

Our full-term rates are reviewed at 5-year increments. If interest rates decline over time the client can benefit from the lower rate at 5-year intervals; interest rates are capped on the upside, so the rate can only go down, not up.

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Lending Calculator

For a $ loan at % with a year amortization, your payment will be $.